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How does Zip Books work?
You can only request one Zip Book item at a time. You’ll need to return your Zip Book item before you request another item. You may request up to 2 Zip Books per month.

To avoid loss or theft, we encourage you to enter a delivery address where someone will be present to accept the package during the working day. This could be a home or business address, or a P.O. box.

If you don't receive your Zip Book order within two weeks, please contact Banning Library District or email us at zipbooks@banninglibrarydistrict.org. 

If it arrives damaged, contact Banning Library District ASAP to avoid being charged.

If you don't receive your Zip Book order within 2 weeks, please contact Banning Library District.If it arrives damaged, contact us ASAP to avoid being charged.

There is no due date on the Zip Book orders; however you will be unable to order a second book until the first one is returned.
How do I return my Zip Book?
When you have finished with a Zip Book item, DO NOT place it in a book drop! Because it comes directly from Amazon.com, the item will not yet be bar-coded for the Banning Library District. If it goes into the book drop, we will not be able to track it the usual way, and you may be charged for a lost item.

You must return the book in person directly to the Banning Library District and tell us it is a Zip Book.
Is there a fee to order a Zip Book?
If you return your Zip Book you will pay absolutely nothing. If the item is lost, the same fines and rules will apply as with other library items.
Who can request a Zip Book item?
To participate, you must be a current Banning Library District card holder in good standing, with less than $5.00 in outstanding charges.

What can I order through Zip Books?
Books and audiotbooks can be ordered through Zip Books. Items must not be in our catalog or at least missing for at least 6 months, must sold and shipped by amazon, the price must be less than $75 pre-tax for audiobooks and $50 pre-tax for books, must be at least 6 months since their release date. Books currently on the NY Times Best-Seller list are not eligible for Zip Books. If there are any problems with the order we will call and let you know.
How do I order on Zip Books?
To make a request, fill out the online form below. Make sure to fill out the form completely, including your email address and your phone number. If you need help identifying the ISBN for an item, ask library staff for assistance.